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World Class Robotics Education

Robotics is multidisciplinary. It is the combination of hard science, math, computer programming, mechanical engineering, and much more. The Exposure Robotics League (XRL) cultivates Nigerian creativity and technical problem solving skills by exposing young minds to robotics. Our five week summer program for secondary school students was carefully designed to be well rounded, maximizing the benefit student gain from participation. We employ some of the most brilliant young men and women from premier technical universities such as MIT to mentor and teach our XRL students.

Give Your Child an Edge

Our program combines robotics educations with mentoring and college prep (SAT exam prep, and more). Our instructors are students who themselves excelled in secondary school and are now at some of the best schools in the world. Their mission for the five weeks of the program is to impart their knowledge, experience, and positive attitudes on your child, giving them a better chance at emulating the success of their instructors.